Episode 94 - "Straight Out of the Disco Era"

Bub Holla and the Haunted Mansion

This week our guest is Bub Holla, a musician from Charlotte, NC who just happens to have grown up in a mansion. Sure maybe that in itself is a little weird, but... this particular mansion was haunted. Maybe it was ghosts, maybe it was his trickster stepdad, maybe it was his childhood imagination, maybe it was a little from column A, column B and column C. Whatever the truth is, these are some fun and freaky stories. PLUS we have a bonus music track "Change the World" from Bub's latest release 1HITONEDER at the end of the show. Ghost dogs, burning blankets, Bub Holla and more on this week's episode of the WHAT'S YER WEIRD STORY? Podcast.

check out Bub Holla here https://bubholla.bandcamp.com/releases


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