Episode 100 - 100th Episode Special part 1


HELLLLLOOOO WEIRDSVILLE! It's our 100th episode...one hundred freakin' episodes! Wow, can you believe it? To celebrate this milemarker we have put together a collection of NEW STORIES from fan favorite returning guests as well as some spectacular first timers. This week we have new guests Taylor with a spooky selfie & "Sparky Malone" with some miraculous signs. Returning guests are Chad & Alta with some UFO tales & our very first guest David Medus who always brings it. Oh yeah, and a side of Headcheese & Mrs. Headcheese to round things out. And this celebration is too big for just one episode so join us next week for the second of this 2 part celebration of 100 episodes of the WHAT'S YER WEIRD STORY? Podcat!


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