What's YerWeirdStory? Presents: SPINJAMARAMA!

   This week, we take a detour from our exploration of the weird and stop off at the Weirdsville record shop for the debut episode of SPINJAMARAMA! 
   Both Barry & Adam are big ole music nerds, when they aren't "on air" talking to folks about their weird stories, they can often be found having lengthy discussions about bands, genres, albums and songs. So this sparked an idea for a music podcast side project under the WYWS? umbrella. In this debut episode, the boys dive into two albums by two artists they never really listened to actively but always meant to explore. 
     So join us as they digest, dissect, and discuss Frank Zappa and Dwight Yoakam on the debut episode of SPINJAMARAMA! Next week we will return to our regularly scheduled weird broadcast. 


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