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Episode 87: "Thank Goodness for Low Standards"

Episode 87 
What's a Ninja Gotta Do to Get a Mother Freakin' Passport Stamped? This week on the podcast we are joined by George S. Nearing, author, educator, ex-pat and as Jeff describes "the coolest and least annoying Juggalo you'll ever meet."  For Sam (as he in known by most) life itself is just one weird story after the next. He's got so many stories he could write a book. In fact, he has and will be sharing some from the many years he spent living in South Korea as an English teacher.  Surreal adventures in Asia from the Hunter S. Thompson school of journalism on this week's epic episode of the WHAT'S YER WEIRD STORY? Podcast. *PARENTAL ADVISORY: this episode includes adult language, illicit substances, sex, and more stuff you might not want your kids to hear.

Episode 86: "My Shoes Were Off"


Episode 85: Special Teen Episode (Life in the Time of Covid-19)


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What's YerWeirdStory? Presents: SPINJAMARAMA!

WHAT'S YER WEIRD STORY? presents:       SPINJAMARAMA!    This week, we take a detour from our exploration of the weird and stop off at the Weirdsville record shop for the debut episode ofSPINJAMARAMA! 
   Both Barry & Adam are big ole music nerds, when they aren't "on air" talking to folks about their weird stories, they can often be found having lengthy discussions about bands, genres, albums and songs. So this sparked an idea for a music podcast side project under theWYWS?umbrella. In this debut episode, the boys dive into two albums by two artists they never really listened to actively but always meant to explore. 
     So join us as they digest, dissect, and discuss Frank Zappa and Dwight Yoakam on the debut episode ofSPINJAMARAMA! Next week we will return to our regularly scheduled weird broadcast.

Episode 83 "The Extraordinary Within the Ordinary"

Angels, Demons, Root Doctors & Philip K. Dick'n around with Micah S. Harris!

   We hope everyone is safe in self isolation. This week we have the return of author & friend-of-the-show Micah S. Harris. Micah has collected a few stories and like anytime he visits the conversation starts to meander into all sorts of places. 
Plus Micah has a new novel out, which we discuss. Angels, demons, root doctors, Philip K. Dick and so much more on this week's eclectic episode of the WHAT'S YER WEIRD STORY? Podcast!