COMING SOON!!! WHAT'S YER BEER STORY? a live storytelling event

***COMING SOON!!!***

  We are so excited for our first live storytelling event, WHAT'S YER BEER STORY? on Saturday, October 19, 2019 at Enid Brewing Company in beautiful Enid, Oklahoma.
  As you know, our show normally focuses on the weird, unusual, strange and bizarre true life experiences of our guests. This event focuses on the true life experiences of the "hold my beer" kind. The "I might have had a few drinks..." kind. The hilarious things that we and our friends find ourselves doing with a bit of liquid courage and often questionable judgement. 
  Podcast host Barry Johnston & Adam Beeby, as well as Special Correspondent, Resident Bigfoot Expert, Voice of the Listener and occasional Co-Host Jeff Hubbard, will be on hand to MC the show and share some of their own stories. 
  Those attending are encouraged to join in the storytelling as well with their own stories. Get on the list now, or sign up when you get there! And if you need a little liquid courage to tell your tales, Enid Brewing Company has a variety of craft beers on tap, including those created by host Barry Johnston, one of the Brewmeisters. 
  We have been looking forward to seeing some familiar faces as well as meeting new friends. So tell all your friends, drinking buddies, college roommates, cousins and every one else to join us on Saturday October 19 at 126 S. Independence Ave in Enid, OK for a night sure to be full of some laughs.    


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