Ep 52: "Little Monkey! Big Eyes!" (Dr. Louis Turi pt.1)

   This week, we are honored to speak to Dr.Louis Turi, in the 1st episode of a 2 part interview*. Dr. Turi is an author, speaker, and multiple time abductee. In this episode we hear of his abduction experiences, as well as his ability to make eerily accurate predictions. An amazing life full of amazing adventures and much more on this week's episode of WHAT'S YER WEIRD STORY? Podcast!

  This episode also marks the end of our first solar cycle as a podcast.
 52 weeks of weekly episodes. 
48 guests (and a few repeats).
0ver 3,300 minutes.
Countless laughs.
...and we couldn't have done it without YOU!
Thank you all for listening, downloading, rating, reviewing, sharing and support the podcasts. 
*part 2 will be released on Sept.9. 2019.
for more Dr Turi, go to www.drturi.com  


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