We are pleased as punch! We couldn't be happier! We are bouncing off the walls!
We have been working on this little podcast for over a year (behind the scenes) and 40 episodes and you...YOU listened to us and downloaded our show 10,000 times. 
We know, we are still a small show, but that's one hell of a landmark for us and we want to thank you all for the support. Whether you have been with from the start, or just listened to your first episode, we can't express our gratitude enough. 
  And a special THANK YOU to all our friends and guest who have shared their wonderful and weird stories. We literally couldn't do it without you. 
  Please continue to spread the word so that our Weirdsville community will continue to grow in glorious new, weird ways. 
If you haven't listened to all our shows, you can find them here.


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