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Episode 40: MAIL CALL!!! Listener Write In Special #1

MAIL CALL!!! This week, Resident Bigfoot Expert and Special Correspondent Jeff Hubbard dusts off his Voice of the Listener hat and joins us with a variety of stories provided by YOU our listeners. From all around the globe, we have a handful of great short stories. Ghosts, UFOs, haunted houses and toys, and an ex-girlfriend. Plus, to round things out, a recent true crime discussion from our ever increasingly weird hometown. All that and one of the greatest sibling revenge stories of all time, and more, on this week's episode of the WHAT'S YER WEIRD STORY? Podcast.


We are pleased as punch! We couldn't be happier! We are bouncing off the walls! We have been working on this little podcast for over a year (behind the scenes) and 40 episodes and you...YOU listened to us and downloaded our show 10,000 times.  We know, we are still a small show, but that's one hell of a landmark for us and we want to thank you all for the support. Whether you have been with from the start, or just listened to your first episode, we can't express our gratitude enough.    And a special THANK YOU to all our friends and guest who have shared their wonderful and weird stories. We literally couldn't do it without you.    Please continue to spread the word so that our Weirdsville community will continue to grow in glorious new, weird ways.    If you haven't listened to all our shows, you can find them here.

Episode 39: Humps in the Water

Episode 39: This week we talk to cryptozoologist and author Scott Mardis . In 1994, Scott was witness to a sighting of the Lake Champlain Monster known as Champ. Scott has spent the last 20-odd years researching Champ and other aquatic cryptids as well as spent time in the field searching for the beast. (Or is it beasts?)   The result is a great episode with a great discussion and a new addition to the ever growing map of Weirdsville, Lake Weird! (Ok it's not a real map yet, maybe we will draw one up in the future.) Oh and hey, Scott provided us with some pics and a link to his book available on Amazon in a Kindle edition. available on Amazon click here Help fund Scott's research by donating to his GoFunMe .

Episode 38: My Mom Unfriended Me on Facebook

Episode 38: My Mom Unfriended Me on Facebook This week, in honor of  Mother's Day , we talk about our moms. It's not group therapy, but a tribute to our mothers. Joining in on the celebration is resident  Bigfoot Expert and Special Correspondent, Jeff Hubbard , with a couple of eerie stories of his totally normal mom.  Co-host  Barry  also has some classic tales, while our other co-host  Adam  has a couple of funny stories that might get him grounded the next time he goes home to visit.  A short but sweet, light hearted special episode in appreciation of the women who birthed us on this week's episode of the  WHAT'S YER WEIRD STORY?  Podcast.

Episode 37: Freddy Krueger is Here!

Episode 37: Freddy Krueger is Here! Amy has a lot of weird stories, and they are great. This week we catch up with an old schoolmate from our hometown.  Barry & Adam  have known their guest  Amy  since they were kids, but they never knew about all the weird things going on around her...and there were many! Amy has lived in several haunted houses, has an unusual hobby, is mom to an instagram famous cat and so much more! Buckle in, it's an adventure on this week's episode of the  WHAT'S YER WEIRD STORY?  Podcast!

Episode 36: "$#!T HICKIES"

   In this week's episode, our guest  Jimmy  drops by with some hilarious (and NSFW) tales. For every story that begins with "I know a guy...", Jimmy  is  that guy. Jimmy is a storyteller extraordinaire, and he's got a million of them.     Today's offering includes a couple of deer stories and a lawnmower incident. Co-Host Adam has a couple of short tales to add to the mix.    All that and more in this week's episode of the  WHAT'S YER WEIRD STORY? Podcast .