Episode 26: Our Big Half Anniversary!

Our BIG half year as a podcast episode! For 26 weeks our podcast has been providing our listeners with some amazing stories as told by our incredible guests. (Half a year...that's 3.5 dog years. That's like 8 years in a high school romance.) As a thank you, we have a giant sized fun episode in store.

On today's special double stuffed episode our hosts,Adam and Barry, are joined by Special Correspondent, Weirdsville Bigfoot Expert, and Voice of the Listener, Jeff Hubbard to share some other their our weird stories. It's a good thing nothing weird has ever happened to Jeff... or has it?

Join us as we walk down Memory Lane and share plenty of laughs and gasps on this weeks special double length Half Year Anniversary celebration episode of the WHAT'S YER WEIRD STORY? Podcast.


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