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Episode 17: Catnip for the Damned

This week, our old friend Jared Snow (more commonly known as Fro) joins us from our home town to share some stories. 
   Scary strangers, friendly neighbors and Granny gets pissed. 
   All that and more on this week's episode of the WHAT'S YER WEIRD STORY? Podcast.
Episode 16: People... They Like to Touch Me For Some Reason
This week the boys are joined by Kip, a super great lady with some ghost stories. Many, many ghost stories. From maybe-not-so-pretend friends in her childhood, living in a friendly haunted house, and encountering some all too overly "friendly" spirits, Kip has had a life full of interesting experiences. And just who was cooking the bacon? All that and more on this week's episode of the WHAT'S YER WEIRD STORY? podcast.

Episode 15: I Need to Brush Up on My Cheyenne

This week, Adam and Barry are joined by Special Correspondent Jeff Hubbard as they talk to their old schoolmate Becky, who has lots of stories about ghostly encounters and a notorious Bigfoot caught on security videotape at the casino where she used to work. 
    Plus tales of Little People, Skinwalkers, dog men and much more on the WHAT'S YER WEIRD STORY? podcast!