Episode 12: There's Something Weird About This?

Pointy headed Biohazard suits 
This week on the What's Yer Weird Story? Podcast our guest Josh Brookshire brings us two bizarre tales. First, a late night journey home takes a turn to the weird, followed by our first serial killer story, Pazuzu Algarad.
Pazuzu Algarad's Mugshot
Special Correspondent Jeff Hubbard
PLUS...Introducing our Special Correspondent, Bigfoot Expert and Voice of the Listener....Jeff Hubbard. You may remember Jeff (and his sister, Kim) from the We Got a Ouija Board for X-Mas episode. Jeff is joining the team to read your social media reviews and comments, as well as an occasional guest interviewer.
Annnnnnnd...it's host Barry Johnston's birthday!!!! (BYO Cake)

All that, and it's co-host Barry Johnston's birthday!!!


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