Episode 11: Definitely Episode 11

      This week we have a double header with two guest! Chris kicks off the show with stories of strange coincidence, possibly prophetic dreams and a beef with Rose McGowan. (Sorta.) Then Greg brings us tales about a dark shadow encounter, a little high school magic and Bloody Mary!
*As a bonus and a thank you for being on the show, we have included a link to Greg's band's soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/lake-disney

These photos have nothing to do with the stories on this week's double-header episode, but they are weird. These photos are examples of a popular Victorian era trend of bizarre headless or detached head portraits. In those pre-Photoshop days, the manipulation was all done by hand. Why were these so popular? Who knows, maybe it has something to do with the still fairly new art of photography. But they sure are delightfully weird.


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