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For a WEIRD time call...

We have an official What's Yer Weird Story? PodcastHotline! 513-909-9821 Call and leave us a comment, review, or your own weird story. We might even use it on the podcast! 

Call is free but limited to 3 minutes per message. 

Episode 9: Cuckoo Banana Pants

Our guest this week Emily has stories. She has lots of stories. She has g-g-g-ghost and more! Plus she lived in a haunted apt that co-host Adam once also lived. Did he have the same experiences? Listen and find out!  We also have an exciting announcement for a new way for listeners to be a part of the show. ( music this episode was graciously provided by the Snails. ) Video provided by Emily. Notice the orbs of light in the lower right corner as well as in the top middle of the frame. Thank you Emily for the stories and this awesome video. 

Episode 8: I Was a Little A--Hole Kid

Episode 8:  I Was a Little A--Hole Kid with our guest Bucky!
This week, our guest Bucky has some great stories that lead into some really great conversations. A spectral vision of the future, a poltergeist, and cousin Jeffrey ruining everything on the What's Yer Weird Story? Podcast.
photo by K. Firehock (not related to the stories this week, but man it's really spooky and cool, huh?)

Episode 6: It Was Prof Plumb in the Basement with the Pipe

We are joined by guest Mark Alan Ray. Mark has a story of a theatre owner's mischievous ghost. He also shares with us experiences from his college years of missing time, mysterious lights in the sky, and more.    Co-host Adam also has a story about missing time, mysterious lights in the sky, and other things from that very same school years later.       A mischievous ghost, missing time, UFOs, Route 66 and a small Oklahoma college town, all on this week's episode of the WHAT'SYER WEIRD STORY?  Podcast.   And as a bonus(?) at the end of the episode we have a song by Ruin Yer Stereo (Adam's band with Christopher Rousseau), one of two songs partiallyinspired by Adam's experience.      Annnnnnd more bonus... seen below, the splash page of Adam's mini comic based on both his and Mark's story. (If you are interested in a copy, you can buy one from Adam's etsy store

Episode 7: We Got a Ouija Board for Christmas