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Episode 5: A Pocket Knife & a Potato (bonus material)

Our guest Justin Little was gracious enough to provide us with scans of the psychic drawings from his story. Check 'em out!
And check out episode 5 if you haven't already. (All this will make a lot more sense if you have listened.)

Episode 5 is ALIVE!!!

This week our guest is JUstin Little of the band One Trip Little. Justin has some stories from the road. Let me tell you, life in a touring band sure can get weird!

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Episode 4 is out now!

'nuff said!

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episode 3 is out now!


Episode 2 "You Might Be Crazy, But We Are Too" is out now!

In this episode we take a trip back to our hometown for a story of a mysterious stranger from Jessica, and co-host Barry has a story about seeing something in the sky with his dad when he was a kid, prompting co-host Adam to ask his trademark question "Did it have a discernible shape?"

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