The wait is over!

the WHAT'S YER WEIRD STORY? podcast is GO!!!
photo by SpaceX

  We could not be happier to announce that our new podcast, WHAT'S YER WEIRD STORY? has officially launched. We have been working hard to ensure that the podcast is a quality product that meets the high standards we expect from ourselves as artists, content creators, and podcast fans. Fortunately, we have the audio engineer extraordinaire Barry Johnston as one of our co-host. And our other co-host  Adam Beeby has a natural face for radio  podcasting. 

  You can listen to us on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, IheartRadio, Soundcloud and youtube or click this link

  We hope you join us on our adventures into the unknown, unusual, unexplainable, supernatural, spooky, and strange, with our guest storytellers as our guides and we ask them... WHAT'S YER WEIRD STORY?


  1. Thanks for a great first show! I'm very interested to hear what's next! Will this be a weekly podcast?

    1. Yes! This will be a weekly podcast with new episodes available every Tuesday!


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