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Things to come...

We got a lot of great stories coming soon. Stories about ghosts, ufos, dreams, psychic powers, missing time, Bigfoot and so much more. Here's a photo provided by one of our guests and friend of the show. Is that a mysterious bipedal hairy creature of legend? Tune in to find out!

We've been friends a long time...

   People always say things like "I've know them forever" or "We've know each other our whole lives." Well, for Barry and I, that statement is true. We go back not just to high school or grade school...we go back to our mom's being pregnant with us at the same time. While Barry has a few months on me, we really have known each other and been friends our whole lives.    Sure we may have drifted apart as we moved in different circle in high school, and we both took different paths after leaving our hometown, but we always stayed in touch, always remained friends. Always been there for each other like brothers.    When it was time for me to start putting the motion to this project together, one of the first people to respond was Barry. And his response was perfectly timed, as I was starting to feel like I was biting off more than I might could chew. Then the light bulb went off above my head, and I said to myself, " hey, why not ask your olde


WHAT'S YER WEIRD STORY?    A new podcast featuring true stories of the weird, unnatural, unexplained, mysterious, supernatural and unknown, as told by the people who lived them.    Hosted by Barry Johnston and Adam Beeby, two life long friends investigating the mysteries of the You-niverse, through the stories told by YOU.    coming soon... art by Adam Beeby, inspired by Jack Davis's cover of the classic comic Tales From the Crypt #39    If you have a weird story, a creepy tale, an unsolved mystery, or a fantastic but true yarn to spin...and you want to be on the podcast and share, contact us, we'd love to hear from you. email us at (****What's Yer Weird Story? podcast created by Adam Beeby and Barry Johnston. copyright Adam Beeby and Barry Johnston.****)