Episode 100 - 100th Episode Special part 1


HELLLLLOOOO WEIRDSVILLE! It's our 100th hundred freakin' episodes! Wow, can you believe it? To celebrate this milemarker we have put together a collection of NEW STORIES from fan favorite returning guests as well as some spectacular first timers. This week we have new guests Taylor with a spooky selfie & "Sparky Malone" with some miraculous signs. Returning guests are Chad & Alta with some UFO tales & our very first guest David Medus who always brings it. Oh yeah, and a side of Headcheese & Mrs. Headcheese to round things out. And this celebration is too big for just one episode so join us next week for the second of this 2 part celebration of 100 episodes of the WHAT'S YER WEIRD STORY? Podcat!

Episode 99 - "Go Home & Get Revived"

Magic Pencils, Doppelgangers & Blue Mystery Lights with Bobbi

This week our guest Bobbi thought she only had one little story to share. But as it turns out, she had more.

 Bubbling up from her memories are tales about mysterious blue lights, a doppelganger, and some poltergeist type activity. We're not sure what was happening, but Bobbi is surrounded in high strangeness. 
And it just so happens Bobbi is a talented musician on top of it all. Stay tuned after the show for her super cool synthwave track "A Walk to Your Planet" All that and more on our 99th episode of the WHAT'S YER WEIRD STORY? Podcast!

Episode 98- Psychic Quiz! Barry, Adam & Jeff test their psychic abilities!

This week our guest is none other than Special Correspondent, resident Bigfoot Expert & Voice of the Listener... Jeff Hubbard. Join us for a rigorous, real time testing of their psychic abilities! (It's totally legit too, we got it off the internet.) Something a little different for a change, as we soldier on to episode 100! Questions, quizzes. and quotes on this weeks totally mental episode of the WHAT'S YER WEIRD STORY? Podcast!

Episode 97 - "Pshaw, We're Adults"

"Oh yeah, Spooky Shit! That's Why We're Here"

This week friends Erin & Annie join us to share stories of high strangeness from a girls only get-a-way to New Boo Orleans! Lots of laughs and tangents with these ladies. And a lot of weirdness! The Gray Man, ghost children, the White Lady, tombs, tours and a haunted mirror from Target, allon this week's episode of the WHAT'S YER WEIRD STORY? Podcast!

Episode 96 - "Just Me & Acid Head"

Andy the Doorbum's Fantastic Voyage

This week our guest is musician/performance artist Andy the Doorbum. While filming a post apocalyptic short in the California desert with some friends, Andy took a night off to himself to get into character.As part of his preparation as a psychedelic shaman, Andy decided to embark on his own psychedelic trip. And then came the light in the sky. Mountain caves, mud covered mad men and psychedelic explorations on this week's episode of the WHAT'S YER WEIRD STORY? Podcast! Plus, stick around for a music track from Andy the Doorbum! (And for more Andythe Doorbum music)

Episode 95 - "Boom! Here Comes the Jacks!" Petroglyphs in the Sky with Jeff Woolwine

This week we are joined by author and researcher Jeff Woolwine. Jeff has made it his life's work to pursue the truth about the Phoenix Lights. A Phoenix native since birth, Jeff has been seeing strange things in the desert skies since he was a kid. We are fortunate to talk to Jeff to hear all about his research and personal experiences. High strangeness in the high desert on this week's epic episode of the WHAT'S YER WEIRD STORY? Podcast.
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Episode 94 - "Straight Out of the Disco Era"

Bub Holla and the Haunted Mansion

This week our guest is Bub Holla, a musician from Charlotte, NC who just happens to have grown up in a mansion. Sure maybe that in itself is a little weird, but... this particular mansion was haunted. Maybe it was ghosts, maybe it was his trickster stepdad, maybe it was his childhood imagination, maybe it was a little from column A, column B and column C. Whatever the truth is, these are some fun and freaky stories. PLUS we have a bonus music track "Change the World" from Bub's latest release 1HITONEDER at the end of the show. Ghost dogs, burning blankets, Bub Holla and more on this week's episode of the WHAT'S YER WEIRD STORY? Podcast.
check out Bub Holla here