Episode 12: There's Something Weird About This?

This week on the What's Yer Weird Story? Podcast our guest Josh Brookshire brings us two bizarre tales. First, a late night journey home takes a turn to the weird, followed by our first serial killer story, Pazuzu Algarad. PLUS...Introducing our Special Correspondent, Bigfoot Expert and Voice of the Listener....Jeff Hubbard. You may remember Jeff (and his sister, Kim) from the We Got a Ouija Board for X-Mas episode. Jeff is joining the team to read your social media reviews and comments, as well as an occasional guest interviewer.'s host Barry Johnston's birthday!!!! (BYO Cake)

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Episode 11: Definitely Episode 11

This week we have a double header with two guest! Chris kicks off the show with stories of strange coincidence, possibly prophetic dreams and a beef with Rose McGowan. (Sorta.) Then Greg brings us tales about a dark shadow encounter, a little high school magic and Bloody Mary! *As a bonus and a thank you for being on the show, we have included a link to Greg's band's soundcloud

Episode 10:Supernatural Meth

Just in time for Halloween, this week we are joined by Brandon Robbins, who has loads of spooky stories to share. Mysterious hooded figures, the shadow of death and an honest-to-goodness Halloween tale, this week on the WHAT'S YER WEIRD STORY? Podcast! BoooOOOOOOooooo!!!

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Episode 9: Cuckoo Banana Pants

Our guest this week Emily has stories. She has lots of stories. She has g-g-g-ghost and more! Plus she lived in a haunted apt that co-host Adam once also lived. Did he have the same experiences? Listen and find out!  We also have an exciting announcement for a new way for listeners to be a part of the show. ( music this episode was graciously provided by the Snails. ) Video provided by Emily. Notice the orbs of light in the lower right corner as well as in the top middle of the frame. Thank you Emily for the stories and this awesome video. 

Episode 8: I Was a Little A--Hole Kid

Episode 8:  I Was a Little A--Hole Kid with our guest Bucky!
This week, our guest Bucky has some great stories that lead into some really great conversations. A spectral vision of the future, a poltergeist, and cousin Jeffrey ruining everything on the What's Yer Weird Story? Podcast.
photo by K. Firehock (not related to the stories this week, but man it's really spooky and cool, huh?)